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Solar Thermal 2000

The 10th SolarPACES International Symposium on Solar Thermal Concentrating Technologies

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SolarPACES Meetings

In conjunction with the symposium, the SolarPACES Executive Committee and Task Meetings will also take place in Sydney, Australia. The exact location has not yet been chosen, but it will be in Sydney. The dates have now been confirmed (as of 18 Aug 1999).  The location for the ExCo and Task meetings has now been confirmed (as of 1 Feb 2000).

Please follow the links for more detailed information.
6/7 March 2000
ExCo Meeting at "Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour" Hotel
8-10 March 2000
11/12 March 2000
Solar thermal site visits outside Sydney
13 March 2000
Task II: Solar Chemistry Research
14 March 2000
Task III: Solar Technology and Applications
15 March 2000
Task I: Solar Thermal Electric Power Systems
(link to Task I meeting announcements)
All Task Meetings
will be held at
The University of Sydney

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