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Solar Thermal 2000

The 10th SolarPACES International Symposium on Solar Thermal Concentrating Technologies

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SolarPACES Task Meetings


The three SolarPACES Task meetings will be held at the The University of Sydney from 13 to 15 March 2000. The meetings will be in room 481 in the Faculty of Architecture (Wilkinson Building) at 148 City Road Darlington. Click here for a map of the university campus (beware: 114kb). The Wilkinson building is at map reference "22M".


Hotel Bus
Laboratory Tour
Bus pick-up
Park Regis
All Seasons
Start Time
Finish Time
Start Time
Task II
Task III
Task I
No tour

Transport to/from meetings

The University campus is near the inner city, but over 30 minutes walking distance from the hotels. To make it easier for Task meeting attendees, a SolarPACES chartered bus will pick up and drop of at the Park Regis Hotel (5 minutes from the Hilton Hotel) and the All Seasons Darling Harbour Hotel. If you are staying at a different hotel, please find your own way to either one of the pick up locations or the meeting venue.
The pick up times are listed in the table above. The morning pick ups will be from outside the hotels. The afternoon pick ups will be from near the laboratory tour (Mon & Tue) or the meeting venue (Wed). Please be ready at least five (5) minutes before the departure time. You MUST be on time, as the bus cannot (and will not) wait. If you miss the bus, please use a taxi or a public bus.
The bus will leave after the laboratory tour on the Monday and Tuesday. Should you not wish to participate in this tour, you will need to use public transport to get back to the hotel or wait until the end of the tour.


Morning and afternoon teas will be provided at the meetings, but lunch will be at your own expense. There are eating facilities on the university campus, within a few minutes of the meeting venue. More details about lunch options will be provided at the meetings.

Accommodation Darling Harbour / Hotel Map

If you are attending the symposium, it is recommended that you stay at one of the hotels listed for the Symposium. If you are only coming to the task meetings, then you can stay near the University. See below for details.

The symposium hotels are:

Please book rooms at these hotels via the conference organiser. Forms are included in the final program, which is available as a pdf file (123kb). The contact details for the conference organisers are:

The Meetings Manager Pty Ltd
PO Box N542
Grosvenor Place  NSW  1220
Phone: +61 2 9241 2955                Fax: +61 2 9241 5354

The recommended hotels can easily be reached by the monorail that connects the Central Business District (CBD) hotels with Darling Harbour. The monorail travels in an anti clockwise direction, trains depart every five (5) minutes and the cost is A$3.00. There are Monorail stops in or near the Hilton Hotel, the Park Regis Hotel, the All Seasons Hotel, the Novotel as well as other places. Please follow this link for a larger map showing the Sydney CBD and the possibility to download it.

Accommodation near the University

If you are only staying in Sydney for the Task meetings, then there is this motel, which is located next to the University:
University Motor Inn
25 Arundel Street
Broadway  NSW  2007
Phone: +61 2 9660 5777        Fax: +61 2 9660 2929
sorry, no e-mail or web page
Cost: A$106 single or A$111.50 for a double room. These are special prices. Please mention when booking that you want the "special meeting price". Please book directly with the motel. Breakfast available. Restaurant available.

Arriving in Sydney

Please follow this link for information about arriving by plane in Sydney.

Laboratory Visits

David Mills and his staff will conduct two tours of their laboratories and facilities at the University of Sydney, including prototype parts for the CLFR system. For Task II members, the tour will take place on Monday, whereas Task I & III members will be able to participate in the Tuesday tour. It might be possible to see an absorber in action, which will require sunshine, in which case the tour might be re-scheduled to take place DURING the task meetings, rather than at the end of the day. This will be advised on the day.
There is only a small charge for this tour: Please smile and ask questions!

A Special Event - The Sydney Mardi Gras Festival

Should you be in Sydney early (Sat 4 March):

Sydney's Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras festival is second only to the carnivale in Rio de Janeiro. It is a celebration of gay culture with art and performances during February culminating in a night of outrageous entertainment, when Sydney's extroverted gay community dons leather and lace for a noisy and colourful (but peaceful) parade along Oxford St. on Saturday, 4 March starting at 8pm. This is an event not to be missed, but recommended only for the liberal minded. More information is available here.

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