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Solar Thermal 2000

The 10th SolarPACES International Symposium on Solar Thermal Concentrating Technologies


Submitting Abstracts for the Symposium

Contributions are invited from industry and research organisations around the world. An abstract of approximately 500 words should be submitted in English to the papers committee at . The abstract must include the title of the paper, the author(s) name, organisation and contact e-mail, telephone and fax numbers.

The Deadline for the submission of abstracts WAS 10 September 1999. Late abstracts may be considered if they are of exceptional quality, but no guarantee can be given.

Abstracts will be reviewed by the technical papers committee for suitability and the author notified of its acceptance or otherwise. A list of most of the accepted abstracts is available here, with links to the abstracts themselves.

This announcement/call for papers is also available for downloading as a pdf file here (47kb).

Submitting & Format of Papers

Those authors who have an abstract accepted need to write their paper and then have two options:
  1. The paper can be submitted to be refereed by the International Scientific Committee. The deadline for receipt of these papers is 26 November 1999; or
  2. The paper can be submitted without this additional peer review. The deadline for receipt of these papers is 28 January 2000.
The authors of papers are kindly requested to meet the above deadlines to ensure that conference proceedings will be available in time for the symposium. The proceedings will be available at the conference, most likely in electronic as well as in paper versions.

The format in which papers are to be submitted shall be in accordance with the guidelines contained in the sample document. This document is available either as a MS Word 97 file or in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. Please click on either link to download the files.

Papers will only be accepted in electronic format to allow for the preparation of the electronic proceedings. Please note that papers will only be accepted if at least one of the authors has submitted a fully paid registration to the conference organisers.

Publication of Papers

Papers will be published in the conference proceedings. At least one author must have paid the registration fee for this to occur.

Selected papers will also be published in "Solar Energy", the Official Journal of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES).

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