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Solar Thermal 2000

The 10th SolarPACES International Symposium on Solar Thermal Concentrating Technologies


Arriving in Sydney

If you are an overseas visitor, you will most likely arrive at the International Terminal of the Sydney Airport. If you arrive via an Australian internal connection, you will arrive at either the Qantas or Ansett Australia Domestic Terminals. All three terminals are within minutes of each other by bus and the services listed below are available at both the international and domestic terminals.

Transport to the City

There are several modes of transport available into the city:  

Hotel LocationsDarling Harbour / Hotel Map

The Hilton Hotel (conference venue) is located in the heart of the city. It can be easily reached from the other recommended hotels by way of the monorail, which connects the CBD with Darling Harbour.  The monorail travels in an anti clockwise direction, trains depart every five (5) minutes and the cost is A$3.00. There are Monorail stops in or near the Hilton Hotel, the Park Regis Hotel, the All Seasons Hotel, the Novotel as well as other places.

The Hilton Hotel can also be reached on foot. Depending on the walker's fitness and the number of red lights encountered, the walk should not take more than 20 to 30 minutes from anywhere within the monorail loop (NOTE: The author has not done this walk for many years, so the information is not 100% reliable!)

Please follow this link for a larger map showing the Sydney CBD and the possibility to download it.

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