IEA SolarPACES Australia

Solar Thermal 2000

The 10th SolarPACES International Symposium on Solar Thermal Concentrating Technologies

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Local contacts for the SolarPACES Symposium

The symposium is being organised by part of the Australian SolarPACES consortium, primarily: with the able assistance of Rosemary Ryan and her team at "The Meetings Manager" and kind financial support from the Electricity Supply Association of Australia (ESAA), in particular Dr Harry Schaap.

The following is a list of e-mail addresses to use for various symposium contacts: - Technical program questions 
- submission of papers 
- site visit bookings - Wolfgang Meike, chairman SolarPACES Australia 
- General symposium questions (conference convener) 
- SolarPACES ExCo & Task meeting organisation - Registration for conference 
- Conference accommodation bookings & questions

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